New Wave Coffee Roasters began when an local award winning coffee roaster got a call from two hometown friends looking to do something new in the scenic coffee city of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  This led to one of the most intense, sleep defying, bean bending air-guitar jam sessions of all time. Once they recuperated from this endeavor they began forming a coffee buying experience focused on simplicity, enjoyment, and elegance.

With these goals in mind Chattanooga's New Wave Coffee Roasters rock and rolled onto the North Shore neighborhood of Chattanooga. Ever since they have been keeping the Tempo, cranking up the Feedback, and jamming on the Vibrato; we've now turned up in cups across the city. Swing by any of your local Be Caffeinated Drive Thru's for a bag of beans to serve in your cafe, or just to wake up enough to remember the rest of that song you've had stuck in your head.

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Inspired by Music and Art

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