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Good feedback can help you understand yourself in a completely new way. Uncontrolled feedback creates an endless loop of chaos, which collapses over and over itself. This coffee is a chaotic reminder that we don't understand everything.

Feedback is currently a honey processed coffee from the Los Laureles farm of Delmy Hernandez, an independent female Honduran coffee producer. It is made up of Pacas and Paraneima varietals, grown at 1250 meters. Imported by De la Finca:

"My own skills have evolved and expanded a lot over the years. When I was a little girl, I had to de-pulp coffee by hand. It was arduous labor, but we had no machine and could in no way afford to hire someone. Fortunately, I only had to work during weekends and holidays, but when I graduated from elementary school, I started working full-time.

Now, we use a variety of techniques and skills to grow and then process high quality beans, and have started to offer micro-lots in 2015. My son Hidardo oversees much of our production, but I have specialized in drying and preparing quite a few micro-lots around our home simultaneously, from late November until March. We have a great patio where I can dry our coffees in the sun. But we also built a sturdy solar dryer with three layers of African beds, in which we can process our lots in a very controlled, slow way." -Delmy Hernandez

Importer provided tasting notes: "caramel, mild chocolate, dark berry."