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Good feedback can help you understand yourself in a completely new way. Uncontrolled feedback creates an endless loop of chaos, which collapses over and over itself. This coffee is a chaotic reminder that we don't understand everything.

Feedback is currently a washed coffee from the Jiakawa province of Papua New Guinea, imported by Balzac Brothers:

"The coffees planted at Sigiri Estate are all of Typica origin, originating from seeds of the Jamaica Blue Mountain variety planted here many years ago. Following strict quality control measures, the coffee is wet processed throughout a three-day fermentation process and then sun-dried for 10 to 14 days. After hulling, the coffees are sorted using both color sorting machines and hand-sorting to ensure consistency and quality. The end result of this rigorous quality control is a uniquely complex coffee truly reminiscent of PNG. The final cup is medium bodied, layered with tropical fruits and soft lemon acidity that finished with milk chocolate and spice notes."

Importer provided tasting notes: "green apple , honey, peach, pecan, melon, starfruit acidity."