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New Wave Coffee



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There are times when the right decision is the choice to filter out some possibilities. When using a lowpass filter, the high's are taken out, but the output is still full and warm. This is a decaf coffee that refuses to be boring.


Lowpass is currently a honey processed organic coffee from Honduras, imported by De la Finca, and decaffeinated by Mountain Water Process. More info from De la Finca below:

"During the pandemic, we decided to look for areas we could innovate.

Enter → our honey decaf.

Typically, only lower scoring, washed process coffees are what are sent to be decaffeinated—because why would anyone want to decaffeinate a good coffee, right?

With a recent rise in popularity of decaf coffees, we decided to profile a particular honey process (higher quality processing method) coffee from a collective of farmers in the Marcala region then we sent it to Descamex in Vera Cruz, Mexico where it was organically decaffeinated using pure water from Pico de Orizaba (without use of chemicals).

At first, Descamex thought it was a defect coffee. They said it had turned out badly (they were used to tasting lower quality, decaffeinated coffees). We were surprised... so Nelson flew down to Vera Cruz himself to try the outcome of our experiment... when he arrived, low and behold, the coffee was actually REALLY good. It was so good, in fact, that it almost didn't taste like decaf!

We started bringing in this coffee in 2020 and it's been sold out 2 years in a row now. There are very limited quantities available because it's in such a popular coffee across the country.

While we were always confident it was an excellent decaf, we just weren't sure how it would hold up in competition until it took
1st Place in the Golden Bean North America for the Decaf Category."


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