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Some days fly by almost like a cruel joke, and other days are slow and easy. Whether you have to keep up with the paces, or get the chance to relax, one element is consistent: there is a tempo that sets the tone. This coffee is a familiar, constant, comforting force that you can rely on for any situation.

Tempo is currently a washed coffee from the El Aguacate farm in Honduras. Produced by the Sosa family, in transition as their patriarch, Tomas, recently passed away and his son, Nelson, along with his family are now taking over production. This coffee has enjoyed success at the Cup of Excellence in years past and we are thankful to help the family carry on the tradition of their father and his coffee.

Consisting of Caturra and Red Catuai varietals, this coffee is grown at an elevation of 1580 meters above sea level. This is a direct trade offering.

Importer provided tasting notes: "balanced, caramel, orange."