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New Wave Coffee



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Good feedback can help you understand yourself in a completely new way. Uncontrolled feedback creates an endless loop of chaos, which collapses over and over itself. This coffee is a chaotic reminder that we don't understand everything.

Feedback is currently a natural Honduran coffee. More info from De la Finca:

Tony Castro started as a translator for two Christian missionaries (John and Rusty) who came independently to help impoverished communities like his in Honduras. After working on various community projects, they wanted to find a way to better support the local economy and create financial independence for the communities they were working with. They began by donating coffee trees. After seeing the impact and potential of coffee in his community, Tony decided to partner with John and Rusty to focus on specialty coffee and started their
own farm in 2012.

O R I G I N :

Las Joyas, El Paraiso, Honduras

V A R I E T Y :
P R O C E S S :
Fully Natural (drying beds)
E L E V A T I O N :

C E R T I F I C A T I O N S :

Direct Trade

"Tony and his partners heard about De La Finca through a roaster in the US. After meeting and learning we share similar vision and values (and country), Tony and his partners teamed up with us, utilizing our logistics services for better quality control, milling, exporting, and distribution." -De la Finca Coffee Importers

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